Friday, June 1, 2012

Week of June 4th

Important Dates:
Monday: 6/4 Picnic
Tuesday: 6/5 Last Day of School/Report Cards

Classroom Chatter
PICNIC: Our 3rd grade picnic will be on Monday, June 4th. A hot dog lunch will be provided. If your child does not want to eat a hog dog, please send them with an alternate cold lunch. There will not be cafeteria hot lunch service.

YEARBOOKS: Yearbooks will be handed out to students on June 5th. Any students who did not purchase a yearbook may do so on Tuesday; they will go on sale after morning announcements. The cost will be $11.00 and children wishing to purchase should have exact amount.There is a limited supply and 5th grade gets to buy first, then 4th, and 3rd last. (Almost all of my students purchased one FYI).  Prairieview yearbook orders were not paid for at registration. There will also be autograph pages for anyone who did not purchase a yearbook as well as students can us their scrapbooks they made for autographs!